In the months leading up to the mid-terms, Americans for Limited Government aimed at uncovering injustices!

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Because of you, ALG President Richard Manning served as the issue expert on how to fire the swamp for James O’Keefe’s “Deep State Unmasked” videos.

  • Congress has continued to dramatically underfund the one part of the Labor Department that oversees union corruption.
  • Because of you, ALGF was able to research and reveal that under the Obama Administration Labor Department, criminal investigations of labor union corruption dropped by 40 percent.
  • The same report showed that indictments of high-level labor union officials fell by 29 percent, resulting in corrupt labor unions running amuck. By alerting Congress to this epidemic, we are taking the first steps in resolving this issue.

With your help, America has a new Supreme Court Justice. One who vows to uphold the Constitution as it was written, just as the Founding Fathers intended.

  • As you saw firsthand, the new liberal mob waged a war on due process during the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Because of you, ALG ran an ad aimed at West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin who delivered a key vote to confirm Kavanaugh.
  • The ad was run on CNN during Don Lemon’s Show. He cited our ad as one that aims to sway Senator Manchin’s critical vote in favor of confirmation.
  • As you might have noticed, with your help, ALG’s hard hitting ad helped to push the good people of West Virginia to contact Senator Manchin urging the him to do the right thing and stand up to the mob. Today, Kavanaugh sits on the Supreme Court because of you.

With your help, we WILL beat the mob!

Americans for Limited Government focused on cleaning up the federal workforce for you this summer!

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Because of you, ALG Foundation revealed to Congress how outdated policies from the Obama Administration is actually underfunding Labor Department union oversight and accountability.

  • In conjunction with Project Veritas, we shed a much-needed light on resistance members in the State Department, the Justice Department, and the IRS, just to name a few.
  • These videos alerted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the resistance movement inside his own department and, as a result, he took action to remove self-proclaimed “resistor” Stuart Karaffa from the agency.
  • Similarly, the Government Accountability Office removed their own resistance socialist, Natarajan Subramanian. Subramanian broke several “Yellow Book” ethical codes to advance the Socialist agenda.
  • With many more socialist resistors rooted deep within the federal work force, there is more work to be done. Together we can finally take back our government for hard working, tax-paying American citizens like you.

With your help, Americans everywhere are closer than ever to a federal government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people!

  • The MERIT Act, which allows Department Secretaries across the government to “clean house” by firing poor performing employees, is picking up speed as the bill passed through the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee! ALG predicts the bill will pass the House in mid to late September.
  • On the other side of Congress, support for the Senate version of the MERIT Act is growing with the latest addition of Senator Tom Cotton as a co-sponsor.
  • Together, we plan to mount a huge Labor Day push to change the narrative surrounding Republicans on the holiday. We aim to show the true value of having hard-working individuals serving in our federal government.

With your help, we CAN fire the Swamp!

ALG Impact: MERIT Act gains momentum as ALG flies FIRETHESWAMP.COM banner around D.C.-Metro area

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With summer rolling in, Americans for Limited Government focused on creating a Government that works for you!

Because of you, The Federal Government workforce is being reformed to work for hardworking, tax-paying American citizens! You’ve directly assisted in the beginning stages of overhauling the civil service system.

  • Because of your support, Americans for Limited Government is working hand in hand with Rep. Loudermilk (R-Ga.) to pass the MERIT Act, which expands the successes of the VA Reform and Whistle Blower Protection Act to all departments.
  • Americans for Limited Government researched and discovered that since implementation of VA Reform, the termination rate at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs has risen by 26%
  • Through a coalition, Americans for Limited Government has been able to successfully gather support of the MERIT Act in Congress. As of July 5, 2018, the MERIT Act is rapidly gaining momentum with fifty-five co-sponsors.
  • With his recent executive orders, which cost labor unions an estimated $100 million in resources, President Trump has opened the door to enactment of the MERIT Act.

Because of you, FIRETHESWAMP.COM launched on June 18, 2018 to alert congress to encourage the American people to petition their representatives in support of the MERIT Act. You played a critical role in allowing the American people to alert congress to the overwhelming need for civil service reform.

  • With your help, Americans for Limited Government sent almost three thousand letters to Congress and the President on behalf of Americans who want to witness the MERIT Act become law.
  • On June 28, 2018, Americans for Limited Government flew a banner around the Washington, D.C. area to show Congress the American people wish to hold President Trump to his campaign promise of draining the swamp. But, as ALG President, Richard Manning always says “to drain the swamp, you must fire the swamp!”

With your help, we will once and for all Fire the Swamp!

ALG impact: HUD ending local zoning regulations, Qualcomm takeover

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In the first few months of 2018 there were many defining moments, for our country and for Americans for Limited Government.

Because of you, The Department of Housing and Urban Development is ending the federal takeover of local zoning. You’ve directly assisted in restoring federalism from this Obama regulation.

  • Because of your support, Americans for Limited Government led the opposition of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair House (AFFH) with the help of Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), which prevented federal funds from being used by the federal government to take over local zoning authorities.
  • Americans for Limited Government argued that HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s moratorium on implementation of the AFFH regulation until 2024 would be subject to legal challenge and the best way to protect his efforts was for Congress to assert its Article One spending authority.
  • Congress agreed by asserting its Article One powers of the purse to include prohibitions on implementing the most egregious parts of the regulation in the Omnibus bill in the culmination of nearly four years of consistent effort by Americans for Limited Government to protect local zoning authority from being taken over by the federal government.
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson for just rescinded the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing local zoning assessment tool, and now Americans for Limited Government is pushing for full rescission.

Because of you, America is one step closer to being and staying safe. You played a critical role in alerting President Trump to the takeover that would have crippled our national defense.

  • Americans for Limited Government took aggressive action urging the President to stop the takeover of Qualcomm (a US based company) by a Singapore based company due to both its economic and national security implications.
  • The Trump Administration acted quickly and decisively in heeding ALG’s warnings and successfully prevented the hostile corporate takeover which would have had disastrous national consequences.

Because of you, we are actively working toward an America with limited government to maximize your individual freedoms.

ALG plays key role in President Trump halting Broadcom hostile foreign takeover of Qualcomm

Dear ALG Supporter,

On Monday, March 12th, 2018 President Trump blocked the hostile takeover of the United States based Qualcomm by the Singapore-owned Broadcom which has deep Chinese connections. As is his right under the law, the President officially called upon his Treasury Department for any progress on the takeover to be immediately brought to a grinding halt because of our national security interests.

Why did this matter?  Because Qualcomm is leading the technology industry in the race to develop 5G technology which will tie together and integrate communications between the computers that run machines ranging from vehicles to the electrical grid, and if the China’s Huawei (sp) gets their first, the very security of computers that run our economic engines will be designed to be hacked.

Americans for Limited Government played a key role in preventing this hostile takeover by establishing a direct line of communication to The White House as well as to other conservative organizations to alert them of the issue. ALG recognized the great danger this potential merger would put the United States national security in and took swift action to not only raise the alarm, but to get other key influencers involved as well.

On Saturday, March 10th, 2018, the White House quickly assessed our analysis and put it directly into the hands of the decision makers at the Treasury Department. Within 24 hours, the Treasury Department weighed in and told Qualcomm to delay the scheduled Board meeting, and less than a week later, the President declared that the hostile takeover would not be allowed. Which is unheard of reaction time in Washington D.C. and once again Americans for Limited Government was the point of the spear.

The White House Staff credits Americans for Limited Government for alerting the administration of the threat that the Qualcomm takeover posed to the United States national security and thanked ALG for the credible information used in President Trump’s decision to block the merger.

To learn more about the hostile takeover, please feel free to visit our news site The Daily Torch at There we have our in-depth analysis of how if Broadcom would have successfully taken over Qualcomm, they would have compromised our nations national security.

Fight on!

Rick Manning
Americans for Limited Government

ALG impacts #ReadTheMemo, trade preferences and immigration debate

Dear ALG supporter,

Because of your support, Americans for Limited Government has achieved great impact in the beginning months of 2018, moving closer to our shared goal of a freer America with a healthy, limited federal government. I’d like to highlight three of those victories we have shared with you below. Thank you sincerely for your support, and I look forward to working with you more in the coming months.

Fight on!

Rick Manning
Americans for Limited Government

Read the Memo Campaign: During the first few weeks of February, Congressman Devin Nunes submitted a memo to the President detailing Obama era Senior Intelligence and Justice Department officials utilized illegal spying against the Trump campaign, knowingly using DNC and Clinton campaign-generated materials to obtain secret FISA court warrants. Back on January 19th, ALG presented Congressman Nunes with the Congressman of the Year award for his bravery in his congressional oversight of the executive branch by continuing to pursue the truth about the 2016 election. ALG backed Congressman Nunes’ fight for the truth from the very beginning, even though Nunes faced heavy opposition from certain conservative members and organizations, ALG was there to support Nunes every step of the way.

Abandonment of the General Systems of Preference: In late January, President Trump attended The World Economic Forum where he declared his agenda to put America First by engaging in fair and reciprocal trade agreements, rather than Obama’s multinational deals that put America last. Trump enforced this by refusing to resign the General Systems of Preference, which is specifically what ALG urged the President to do. ALG produced captivating research detailing how countries like China and India were exploiting the General Systems of Preference by labeling themselves as “developing economies” which allowed them to cheat the system and put themselves at the forefront. ALG recognized this and alerted President Trump by producing valuable research and calling for him not to renew, and in turn, he abandoned the General Systems of Preference.

Impact on immigration: With immigration reform and DACA on the front of the countries mind, ALG is once again leading the charge to change the agenda. ALG has been fighting for the key components in the Goodlatte bill for months which are the ending of chain migration, ending the visa lottery program, implementing an E-Verify system, and of course building the wall. Now that Congressman Goodlatte has release his immigration reform bill, and the White House has fully endorsed the bill, ALG’s efforts have come to fruition. What ALG has been recommending and promoting from the beginning is finally laid out in the Goodlatte bill, which is exactly what our country needs, but the fight isn’t over. ALG will continue to use its influence and resources to ensure that the bill which becomes a law has the key components of ending of chain migration, ending the visa lottery program, implementing an E-Verify system, and building the wall.