ALG Impact: MERIT Act gains momentum as ALG flies FIRETHESWAMP.COM banner around D.C.-Metro area

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With summer rolling in, Americans for Limited Government focused on creating a Government that works for you!

Because of you, The Federal Government workforce is being reformed to work for hardworking, tax-paying American citizens! You’ve directly assisted in the beginning stages of overhauling the civil service system.

  • Because of your support, Americans for Limited Government is working hand in hand with Rep. Loudermilk (R-Ga.) to pass the MERIT Act, which expands the successes of the VA Reform and Whistle Blower Protection Act to all departments.
  • Americans for Limited Government researched and discovered that since implementation of VA Reform, the termination rate at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs has risen by 26%
  • Through a coalition, Americans for Limited Government has been able to successfully gather support of the MERIT Act in Congress. As of July 5, 2018, the MERIT Act is rapidly gaining momentum with fifty-five co-sponsors.
  • With his recent executive orders, which cost labor unions an estimated $100 million in resources, President Trump has opened the door to enactment of the MERIT Act.

Because of you, FIRETHESWAMP.COM launched on June 18, 2018 to alert congress to encourage the American people to petition their representatives in support of the MERIT Act. You played a critical role in allowing the American people to alert congress to the overwhelming need for civil service reform.

  • With your help, Americans for Limited Government sent almost three thousand letters to Congress and the President on behalf of Americans who want to witness the MERIT Act become law.
  • On June 28, 2018, Americans for Limited Government flew a banner around the Washington, D.C. area to show Congress the American people wish to hold President Trump to his campaign promise of draining the swamp. But, as ALG President, Richard Manning always says “to drain the swamp, you must fire the swamp!”

With your help, we will once and for all Fire the Swamp!