ALG impacts #ReadTheMemo, trade preferences and immigration debate

Dear ALG supporter,

Because of your support, Americans for Limited Government has achieved great impact in the beginning months of 2018, moving closer to our shared goal of a freer America with a healthy, limited federal government. I’d like to highlight three of those victories we have shared with you below. Thank you sincerely for your support, and I look forward to working with you more in the coming months.

Fight on!

Rick Manning
Americans for Limited Government

Read the Memo Campaign: During the first few weeks of February, Congressman Devin Nunes submitted a memo to the President detailing Obama era Senior Intelligence and Justice Department officials utilized illegal spying against the Trump campaign, knowingly using DNC and Clinton campaign-generated materials to obtain secret FISA court warrants. Back on January 19th, ALG presented Congressman Nunes with the Congressman of the Year award for his bravery in his congressional oversight of the executive branch by continuing to pursue the truth about the 2016 election. ALG backed Congressman Nunes’ fight for the truth from the very beginning, even though Nunes faced heavy opposition from certain conservative members and organizations, ALG was there to support Nunes every step of the way.

Abandonment of the General Systems of Preference: In late January, President Trump attended The World Economic Forum where he declared his agenda to put America First by engaging in fair and reciprocal trade agreements, rather than Obama’s multinational deals that put America last. Trump enforced this by refusing to resign the General Systems of Preference, which is specifically what ALG urged the President to do. ALG produced captivating research detailing how countries like China and India were exploiting the General Systems of Preference by labeling themselves as “developing economies” which allowed them to cheat the system and put themselves at the forefront. ALG recognized this and alerted President Trump by producing valuable research and calling for him not to renew, and in turn, he abandoned the General Systems of Preference.

Impact on immigration: With immigration reform and DACA on the front of the countries mind, ALG is once again leading the charge to change the agenda. ALG has been fighting for the key components in the Goodlatte bill for months which are the ending of chain migration, ending the visa lottery program, implementing an E-Verify system, and of course building the wall. Now that Congressman Goodlatte has release his immigration reform bill, and the White House has fully endorsed the bill, ALG’s efforts have come to fruition. What ALG has been recommending and promoting from the beginning is finally laid out in the Goodlatte bill, which is exactly what our country needs, but the fight isn’t over. ALG will continue to use its influence and resources to ensure that the bill which becomes a law has the key components of ending of chain migration, ending the visa lottery program, implementing an E-Verify system, and building the wall.