Americans for Limited Government focused on cleaning up the federal workforce for you this summer!

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Because of you, ALG Foundation revealed to Congress how outdated policies from the Obama Administration is actually underfunding Labor Department union oversight and accountability.

  • In conjunction with Project Veritas, we shed a much-needed light on resistance members in the State Department, the Justice Department, and the IRS, just to name a few.
  • These videos alerted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the resistance movement inside his own department and, as a result, he took action to remove self-proclaimed “resistor” Stuart Karaffa from the agency.
  • Similarly, the Government Accountability Office removed their own resistance socialist, Natarajan Subramanian. Subramanian broke several “Yellow Book” ethical codes to advance the Socialist agenda.
  • With many more socialist resistors rooted deep within the federal work force, there is more work to be done. Together we can finally take back our government for hard working, tax-paying American citizens like you.

With your help, Americans everywhere are closer than ever to a federal government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people!

  • The MERIT Act, which allows Department Secretaries across the government to “clean house” by firing poor performing employees, is picking up speed as the bill passed through the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee! ALG predicts the bill will pass the House in mid to late September.
  • On the other side of Congress, support for the Senate version of the MERIT Act is growing with the latest addition of Senator Tom Cotton as a co-sponsor.
  • Together, we plan to mount a huge Labor Day push to change the narrative surrounding Republicans on the holiday. We aim to show the true value of having hard-working individuals serving in our federal government.

With your help, we CAN fire the Swamp!