Motorists Reject Citation-Taxation Schemes: ALG Foundation Poll

Americans for Limited Government Foundation poll finds Virginians support motorist-friendly reforms


Fairfax, Va. – A new poll of Virginia voters commissioned by Americans for Limited Government Foundation found strong support for motorist-friendly reforms and strong opposition to predatory towing and policing for profit.

With more than six million drivers in the Commonwealth of Virginia, motorist advocates are putting politicians on notices that voters will be looking closely at their attitudes toward predatory policies that impact drivers.

“I think what this poll shows is that Virginia voters, from across the political spectrum, are overwhelmingly opposed to taxation by citation schemes. This poll also contains very bad news for two groups of crony capitalists: predatory towing companies and red light and speed camera companies. Candidates would be wise to take note and immediately get to work on finding solutions to address these voters’ concerns.” – Richard McCarty, Founder, Coalition for Motorist Rights

“Virginians clearly are overwhelmingly opposed by the automated vehicle tax cameras which have little utility except to act as speed traps. Not surprisingly, the car tax is particularly reviled in the state. The next governor should reform Virginia’s laws to reflect the concerns of drivers that the existing system is punitive with little redeeming value on the safety side.” Richard Manning, President, Americans for Limited Government Foundation

Key findings:

Predatory towing

73.7 percent support reform to curb abuses
52.4 percent strongly support reform

Traffic ticket quotas

81.9 percent support banning them
65.6 percent strongly support a quota ban

Speed cameras

72.3 percent support banning them
52 percent strongly support a ban

Red light cameras

75.1 percent support banning them
51.4 percent strongly support a ban

Speed trap towns

77.6 percent support state laws to rein in speed trap towns
60.3 percent strongly support such legislation

Mandatory annual vehicle inspections

68.4 percent support a change in state law to only require inspections every two
years, rather than annually

Annual car tax

80.5 percent support abolishing the tax
61.4 percent strongly support abolishing the tax

Hypermetrics conducted the poll by phone between May 3-6 with 855 Virginians statewide responding. The margin of error was 3 percent.

For media availability, contact Richard McCarty at 202-656-2653 or email

Congress needs to stop spending to staunch rapid inflation rise

This sustained and substantial increase in the producer cost of final goods is akin to finding a dead canary in the mine shaft of government spending excess.

Fairfax, Va. – The prices that suppliers are charging businesses and other customers rose again last month, adding to inflation pressures bubbling through the U.S. economy.

The Labor Department said Tuesday that its producer-price index rose 0.8% in May from the prior month, up from the 0.6% increase in April from March. The average rise between 2017 and 2019 was 0.2%.

The producer -price index is an inflation measure of what it costs those who make or produce the goods, services and equipment we consume, and as such, it is generally seen as a precursor to future inflation in the economy.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning offered the following analysis and policy recommendations:

“The unadjusted producer-price index increase of an annualized 6.6 percent in May, is up from 1.6 percent when Joe Biden took office. This sustained and substantial increase in the producer cost of final goods is akin to finding a dead canary in the mine shaft of government spending excess.

“America is out of the low demand driven deflationary cycle experienced during the pandemic-induced economic shutdown, and now faces a dangerous price surge which is a function of the rapid increase in the money supply.

“Congress can and should act now to stop this obvious trend in its tracks by freezing federal spending at the normally appropriated levels of 2020 as well as ending all new and unspent COVID emergency spending. By stopping our nation’s double digit money supply growth, lawmakers would undercut the primary inflation driver.

“Inflation is dangerous because it is the ultimate hidden tax. Inflation means that our money becomes worth less, making the cost of things we purchase more expensive. The result right now is that real wages (how much you make versus how much it costs to buy the same things with that money) are going down and the higher the inflation rate the less a paycheck will buy. Naturally, that causes people to demand higher wages, which has the perverse effect of increasing the cost of goods and services creating a vicious cycle that is directly due to the federal government’s money supply increase.

“America had to do what was necessary to fight the Chinese lab originated virus, but now the war is against the ravages of that spending on our economy. To win that war, Congress must reinstate the sequestration policies that the Republican House of Representatives forced upon the Obama administration just ten years ago, which lowered federal government spending, and led to dramatic drops in the budget deficit. In 2019, regularly authorized and so-called mandatory spending by the federal government was just under 4.5 trillion dollars, a level which should stand as the pre-pandemic baseline that Congress should strive to achieve when approving spending bills this year.”

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