To regain House and Senate Majorities GOP must put the brakes on spending

 Republicans Must Embrace Fiscal Restraint, Just Say No to Both Infrastructure Bills

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement today urging Senate Republicans to reject both so-called infrastructure spending bills under consideration:

“With recent polls showing that nearly 9 in 10 voters are worried about the rising cost of living, Republicans seeking to regain House and Senate majorities in 2022 are wise to embrace the principle of fiscal restraint. It would be a bad look for Senate Republicans to go along with legislation that promises almost $580 billion of deficit-spending over eight years, averaging $72 billion a year, and who knows what’s in years nine and ten. Moreover, by green lighting this spending on a 60-vote threshold, Senate Republicans who go along with it will be providing deficit offset wiggle room for the Democrats’ second spending bill they plan to push through on budget reconciliation. That bill could total as much as $3.5 trillion. If Congress doesn’t pass the first spending bill, it would mean the second bill would have to be significantly watered down. If Democrats wanted a deal with Republicans, they should take their second bill off the table. The fact they haven’t should make this Senate deal a non-starter.

“If the GOP wants to regain the mantel of fiscal responsibility, its members in Congress cannot pretend that adding an additional $72 billion a year to the annual deficit above and beyond the regularly authorized debt is okay. It is not and it is dangerous. It is time to just say no to the off-budget spending that has thrown our nation into a debt induced downward spiral.”

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Inflation Continues to Surge Across All Items

Congressional Republicans need to say no to the partisan spending boondoggle

Fairfax, VA. – Consumer prices rose 0.9 percent in June, according to data released Tuesday by the Labor Department, heating up from the previous month.

The consumer price index (CPI), a closely watched gauge of inflation, increased to an annualized rate of 5.4 percent last month amid a summer rush of economic activity.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in reaction to the news:

“Inflation continues to surge across all items at an annualized rate of 5.4%.  But prices are not really rising at that low of a level, in the five months since Joe Biden entered the White House, the rate has grown at .66% each month or a 7.9 percent annualized inflation rate.  Every consumer sees the price increases, and according to the BLS, the pain of higher prices was spread throughout the economy in June.  What is the answer to this hidden government tax which results from wanton spending?  Stop or slow the spending.  This means that Republicans in Congress need to just say no to the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer partisan spending boondoggle which they call an infrastructure plan.  America broke the bank to recover from the Chinese virus, it is time for the federal government to tighten its belt rather than accelerate price increases.

“Everyone loses under inflation, but those with the least disposable income and those on fixed incomes are hurt the worse.  There should be a bipartisan agreement to stop fueling the destruction of the value of the American dollar, but spending in DC is like heroin, it is hard for politicians to kick the habit.  The American people need to stage an intervention and tell Congress to stop the spending now.”

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