ALG Launches Freedom Merchandise: Just in Time for Christmas!

Merchandise shop will provide one more avenue to fund our fight for freedom

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government (ALG) launched a merchandise store on Monday morning designed to provide liberty lovers with unique products to enjoy or give as gifts.  All products will be made and shipped from America, so this Christmas you won’t have to worry about your gifts being stuck in a Chinese cargo ship off the coast of California.

Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government made the announcement saying, “We are excited to be able to provide quality, American-made, liberty merchandise.  There will be everything from ALG logo polo shirts to Let’s Go Brandon mugs, tee shirts and hats to high quality prints of some of our cartoonist AF “Tony” Branco’s best work from the past couple of years.  In fact, it is this reservoir of ALG owned art which inspired the idea of making it available to the public.”

We plan on building out a significant product line at, and best of all, all profits will be poured directly back into the fight for freedom.

Our nation stands at a crossroads, Americas for Limited Government is proud to provide this American-made gear for people to wear, use and display while also doing good in the on-going battle for America’s future.

“Our organizational mission is to limit the size and scope of government and this merchandise shop will provide one more avenue to fund that fight.  Americans for Limited Government puts our revenues directly into the fight with very little overhead. This merchandise store promises to create additional funds for this battle over our country’s soul.  Plus, it will be a fun way to spread the freedom message that everyone can enjoy, with the likely exception of President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer,” Manning concluded.

Democrats Will Own A Government Shutdown

Democrats wanted to run government on partisan basis, they can own the consequences.

Fairfax, Va. – The White House on Thursday began to advise federal agencies to prepare for the first government shutdown of the Covid-19 era and the administration’s Office of Management and Budget is alerting federal agencies that, barring a new appropriations bill, they are expected to execute shutdown plans next week. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning issued the following statement in reaction to the developing story:

“Federal government office buildings have been virtually vacant for the past eighteen months because federal workers still haven’t returned from the Covid shutdown.  What’s more, in the past three years, federal workers pay has been guaranteed in the event of a ‘shutdown’ which explains why Speaker Pelosi has had the House of Representatives on recess for all of September.  If there is a ‘government shutdown,’ it lies directly on the doorstep of the Speaker, Majority Leader and the president.  Their on-going choice to take their non-existent majority in the Senate and three vote majority in the House of Representatives and  attempt to fundamentally transform America through it, has created the likely shutdown.  They wanted to run the federal government on a strictly partisan basis, so now they own the consequences of that decision.

“Over the next seven days, Democrats will need to work with Republicans to strike out their extremist agenda and include some policy language that limits government power in a number of areas to fix the chasm of distrust they have created. One obvious area that must be addressed is the Biden threat to ration Covid medicines as a weapon to force compliance with his forced vaccination dictates.

“Sen. Marco Rubio has drafted legislative language to allow local hospitals to order Covid cures such as monoclonal antibodies treatment directly from the manufacturer, rather than having to go through federal or state government. This would cut off Biden’s ability to deny access to medicines to those most in need. The reality of health care rationing under a federal government controlled health care system is now out in the open, and can no longer be denied.

“I would like to see Sen. Rubio’s proposal included as an amendment to any government funding bill under consideration. This would go a significant way toward ending the Biden adminisration’s attempt to ration healthcare by inserting the government between a patient and their doctor.”

For media availability contact Catherine Mortensen at [email protected] or 703.478.4643.


Arizona Attorney General Rejects Tucson’s Covid Vaccine Mandate

Every American has the fundamental right to make their own choices when it comes to vaccines

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich in a video campaign ad.

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning issued the following statement in reaction to an official finding by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich on Tuesday stating that a Tucson city ordinance requiring city employees get Covid vaccinated or face suspension is illegal:

“The city was in clear violation of a law passed by state lawmakers in June which specifically prohibits state and local governments from requiring any person to be vaccinated for Covid.

“We applaud AG Mark Brnovich for standing up for the rule of law. Progressive, power-hungry politicians have trampled on our civil liberties and individual freedoms during this pandemic. We need more elected officials fighting back against this unconstitutional takeover of our country.

“While it is true the state law doesn’t take effect until the end of September, Brnovich was right to put a halt to vaccine mandates now. An employee forced to obtain a vaccine now cannot go back and undo any harm that might occur.

“Americans for Limited Government is fighting these government mandates across the country. So far, our supporters have sent one million emails to local, state, and federal lawmakers rejecting Covid vaccine mandates and passports.

“We need more lawmakers to stand up like Brnovich to protect our freedoms. This is not a case against vaccines, just against vaccine mandates. Every American has the fundamental right to make their own choices when it comes to vaccines, and what they choose to do is no one’s business, least of all the government’s.”


In a letter to city officials, the solicitor general, writing for Brnovich, said the Aug. 13 vote by the Tucson City Council directly conflicts with a statute approved in June by state lawmakers. It specifically prohibits state and local governments from requiring any person to be vaccinated for Covid.

The letter states that strictly speaking, SB1824 does not take effect until Sept. 29. But the attorney general wants an immediate halt to prevent what he said could be harm to city workers who are forced to roll up their sleeves, even for a law not yet in effect.

“Nothing is more coercive than a government mandate to do something that’s soon going to become illegal,” Brnovich told Capitol Media Services.

For media availability, contact Catherine Mortensen at 703.478.4643 or email [email protected]

ALG to Biden: Stand up for American Jobs

ALG sends letter to Biden urging him to reject trade court decision that would kill U.S.  jobs

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to override the recent United States International Trade Court (USITC) trade dispute decision in a case involving the importation and sale of certain lithium ion batteries, battery cells, battery modules, and battery packs, which would do significant damage to United States interests in growing a domestic electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing capacity.

At stake are 2,600 jobs in Georgia beginning in 2024. The SK Innovations Georgia battery plant is expected to produce as many as 250,000 new EV batteries annually when fully completed. These specially designed electric batteries are for the new Ford EV F-150 truck and for Volkswagon’s Chattanooga, Tennessee EV manufacturing plant.

The USITC is a U.S. federal court that adjudicates civil actions arising out of U.S. customs and international trade laws. In this case, the court ruled against SK Innovations in a trade dispute with one of its South Korean competitors, LG Chem.

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From the letter:

 Please understand that Americans for Limited Government does not agree with your administration’s underlying rationale behind the push for electric vehicles. However, the business decision made by Ford and Volkswagen to continue their aggressive expansion into this market should not be delayed for years due to what effectively amounts to a trade dispute between two South Korean competitors.

One other aspect of this dispute that is important to note is that while SK Innovation adheres to the Clean Content requirements excluding invasive Communist Chinese Party software and hardware from use in their company, complainant LG Chem does not.  Given the experience in Anchorage, where the Chinese government demonstrated public contempt for America and our representatives, it would be significant for the administration to put new weight into the Clean Content international agreement as a whole. Striking down the USITC decision in this case would send a powerful, proportional message in that regard.

Mr. President, you have a unique opportunity to stand up for American manufacturing and the jobs it will create, while demonstrating strong leadership in our nation’s relationship to China.  It is our fervent hope that you will reject this USITC decision.

Click here to view PDF of letter.

Interview Availability: Please contact Americans for Limited Government at 703-478-4643 or email [email protected].

ABC News breaks story of ‘rigged’ homecoming queen election

Network gives more coverage to homecoming election than presidential election fraud

Fairfax, Va. – Disney-owned ABC News is breaking a story about a rigged election for homecoming queen in a Florida high school.  Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in reaction to the network’s newfound interest in voter fraud.

“Great news! ABC News has finally found election fraud after months of denying that it occurred. The crack national news team has discovered the Florida homecoming queen contest was fraudulently won by a mother and daughter duo who nefariously stuffed the ballot box. Americans for Limited Government is still waiting for ABC News to do a single substantive story about the credible allegations of massive voter fraud taking place in the 2020 election.

“Maybe their investigative team that focuses on high school homecoming elections can be turned loose on the somewhat less important national presidential elections.

“It truly is sad that ABC News has become such a Mickey Mouse organization.”

Interview Availability: Please contact Americans for Limited Government at 703-478-4643 or email [email protected].

Joe Biden is the real Neanderthal

Biden calls Texas and Mississippi opening up their states, rejecting mask mandates ‘Neanderthal thinking’

Fairfax, Va. – At a recent White House briefing, President Joe Biden called the decision by Texas and Mississippi to drop all mask mandates and allowing private business to choose how best to operate, “Neanderthal thinking.”

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in reaction:

“If Joe Biden followed the science, he would embrace the Florida unmasked and free approach rather than the New York ‘Covid is death’ model. Science shows the death rate in Florida is about half of the death rate in New York. Perhaps it is time for Biden to get out of his cave and enjoy the sunshine in states which choose both a lower death rate and freedom.”

Interview Availability: Please contact Americans for Limited Government at 703-383-0880 or email [email protected].

Congress needs to stop Biden blundering into war in Syria

 Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to President Joe Biden’s bombing Syria without Congressional authorization:

“It is striking that just over a month after Joe Biden became president he has already begun a bombing campaign focused on Syria. Obviously attacks on U.S. troops must be met with proportional force, and yet, the U.S. has been operating Syria for over a decade without any authorization from Congress. It is time for Congress to at least pretend to be a part of the foreign policy process, by demanding that President Biden make his case for engaging in acts of war.

“It has almost been 20 years since 9/11, and former President Trump’s negotiated Abraham Accords were on a pathway to providing a valid regional plan for an exit strategy. President Biden’s undermining of these accords through negating trade concessions to the United Arab Emirates, and releasing intelligence reports designed to threaten the Saudi government are reckless, and destabilize the region. It is time for the Biden administration to outline its Middle East strategy to Congress and the American people, before the administration’s actions become unexamined and undiscussed American policy.

“This is why the Constitution requires Congress to declare war, and it’s time for members to assert this responsibility, so we don’t blunder into another generation of American blood being spilt without a clear purpose and exit strategy. To force President Biden’s hand, Congress should not authorize any additional emergency war funding, and use the power of the purse to end this endless war.”

Interview Availability: Please contact Americans for Limited Government at 703-383-0880 or email [email protected].


House Impeachment Managers Violated Official Code of Conduct

Democrats managing Trump impeachment trial guilty of gross violations of House ethics rules

Fairfax, Va. – Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, sent a letter today to the House Committee on Ethics calling for an investigation into the conduct of the Democrats managing the Trump impeachment trial in the Senate. Manning said it is clear that the House Members who produced and played a Feb. 9 video during the trial violated House Ethics Rules and “may be subject to discipline for the dissemination by electronic means, including by social media, of any image, video, or audio file that has been distorted or manipulated with the intent to mislead the public.”

In the letter, Manning wrote, “The intent of the edited video is to persuade the Senate that Trump was inciting violence by playing clips of the speech, interspersed with rioting at the U.S. Capitol building. But it takes many of these quotes out of context to deliberately misconstrue their meaning.”

Manning is calling for an investigation into the conduct of the House impeachment managers including Democrat Representatives Jamie Raskin (MD), Diana DeGette (CO), David Cicilline (RI), Joaquin Castro (TX), Eric Swalwell (CA), Ted Lieu (CA), Stacey Plaskett (U.S. Virgin Islands), Madeleine Dean (PA), and Joe Neguse (CO).

To read full letter click here.

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A Vote to Censure Trump Threatens Free Speech of Every American

Fairfax, Va –  Senators Susan Collins (R- Maine) and Tim Kaine (D-Va) are discussing a potential censure resolution against former President Trump as it becomes increasingly clear that his second impeachment trial is likely to end in acquittal.Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is opposed to both impeachment and censure of Trump. He issued the following statement in reaction:

“Susan Collins, who voted yesterday that she believes it is constitutional to impeach a former president, now wants to censure President Trump for his speech where he urged people to “peaceably and patriotically” to go to the Capitol to let people know what they think.

“Any move to censure President Trump for constitutionally protected and completely legitimate political speech would be disastrous.

“While some in Congress, and even many of Trump’s supporters, sometimes cringe at his rough and direct language, censuring President Trump would be tantamount to saying that political speech needs to have a Congressional Seal of Approval.  The First Amendment protection of political speech and assembly simply cannot be cancelled because some politicians feel threatened by it.  A vote for censure by the Senate would be a validation of the Silicon Valley tech titans allowing social justice warriors to determine what thought is suitable on their platforms.  Tech titans can get away with it to some extent, but Congress runs the risk of effectively “making a law” or at the least setting wobbly speech standards that could be applied to virtually every candidate for office at some time.

“To censure the former president would be to effectively give the speech police absolute power over the speech of every American. That would be monumentally stupid.”

Interview Availability: Please contact Americans for Limited Government at 703-383-0880 or email [email protected].