Congress must hold the federal bureaucracy accountable

House Government Reform and Oversight Committee is holding a hearing meant to highlight government employee productivity today. Subcommittee Chairman Gerald Comley (D-public employee union) is supposed to highlight a positive story about public employee work ethic during the pandemic. The Biden Whitehouse Director of Office of Management and Budget and the Director of Office of Personnel Management are both scheduled to testify. It is unlikely that Conley will ask these Biden officials about a study that found that 25 percent of Department of Health and Human Services employees failed to logion to their emails even a single time during the height of the pandemic between March and December 2020.

Congress must hold the federal bureaucracy accountable by forcing an audit to determine how many taxpayer-paid (workers) stole their pay by failing to check-in with the office once in ten months. You cannot implement a work-from-home policy if you do not hold those who violated the public trust accountable.