Resounding Victory for Election Integrity

Decision affirms a state’s basic right to set its voter rules to ensure election security

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning released the following statement on United States Supreme Court Brnovich vs. DNC ruling:

“Expect a renewed, desperate effort by Democrats in the House and Senate to destroy the chain-of-custody for ballots in the wake of today’s Supreme Court Brnovich v. DNC decision.

“The Court held by a 6-3 margin that the state of Arizona did not have discriminatory intent, nor did its policy of disqualifying votes cast outside of a person’s precinct and the prohibition on ballot harvesting  have a disproportionate impact on racial minorities.

“This decision affirms a state’s basic right to set its voter rules to ensure election security and that the one-person-one-vote principle is upheld. It should be cheered across America as an affirmation that cheating will not be institutionalized so long as Congress is stopped from passing far-left election laws that attack voter identification, chain-of-custody, and accurate counting of election results. This is a victory but Americans must continue fighting to ensure that Congress does not overturn it.”

  • In Brnovich v. DNC, Democrats are asking the Supreme Court to transform the plain language of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which forbids election laws that discriminate on the basis of race, into a blank check that would allow for courts to strike down ordinary election laws without limit.
  • The impetus behind this request are two common-sense, race-neutral Arizona laws: Arizona’s ban on ballot harvesting prevents bad actors with malicious intent from coercing voters or altering ballots, and its law requiring voters to vote in the correct precinct allows for the efficient administration of Arizona’s elections.

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