Biden’s FCC Nominee is a Hyperpartisan Liberal Hack

Gigi Sohn’s confirmation would jeopardize investment and innovation,

threaten free speech, and bring partisanship to the FCC.

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is urging members of the U.S. Senate to reject Gigi Sohn’s nomination to serve as a Commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission. In addition to sending a letter cosigned by 16 other leaders from a broad coalition urging the Senate to reject Sohn’s nomination, Manning issued the following statement:

“If confirmed, President Joe Biden’s nominee Gigi Sohn would work to instill policies that would crush innovation, silence conservative speech, and eviscerate intellectual property protections.

“The FCC was created by Congress to be an independent regulator and it has broad power over the telecommunications, media, and technology sectors. The agency has been characterized by bipartisan cooperation and accountability to Congress. As a well-known hyperpartisan activist, Sohn has no place on the Federal Communications Commission.

“Sohn has launched attacks against regulators and elected officials who do not share her views. She implied that the ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee is an industry puppet. She suggested that Republican senators are a threat to the country. She credits center-right news outlets with ‘destroying democracy’ and ‘electing autocrats.’ Given these views, it is hard to believe that Sohn would give regulated entities a fair shake or operate in a bipartisan manner at the FCC.

“I urge Senators to reject Sohn’s confirmation.”

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