Texas declares victory over the China Virus, so should other states

Texas Governor Lifts Mask Mandate, Business Restrictions

Fairfax, Va. – Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Tuesday that he will reopen the state “at 100 percent” and will rescind the statewide mask mandate beginning next Wednesday. Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in support of Gov. Abbott’s announcement:

 “Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to end the COVID emergency shutdown and mask mandate effective March 10 is a great step forward in restoring America’s freedom from the year-long grip of the China virus.  Combined with President Biden’s announcement that the Trump vaccines will be available to all Americans by the end of May, this announcement should lead the way for other states to follow  suit.  Fully reopening our state economies is the key to continuing the Trump economic revival and makes the idea of spending $1.9 trillion more money on pork, additional stimulus, state and union bailouts and incentivizing long-term unemployment seem almost crazy.  The truth is states like South Dakota, which are open, have an unemployment rate lower today than in February of 2020.

“Having the federal government and the rest of the states join Texas in declaring victory over the China virus and reopening would be the best stimulus possible.  The emergency is over and Congress’ excuse to spend trillions beyond their already bloated, deficit-ridden budget needs to end along with it.”

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