Anthony Fauci Can’t Even Be Trusted with Puppies

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Richard Manning had this to say about the recent allegations that Dr. Anthony Fauci approved funding for the experimenting on Beagle puppies. “If you can’t trust Anthony Fauci with your dog, how can you trust him with your child?  As Joe Biden continues on his vaccine mandate jihad with Fauci playing his Rasputtin, the role that Fauci played in funding grotesque experiments that tortured beagle puppies by having them eaten alive by maggots is so sickening that every American should be demanding Fauci be fired. The puppy torture was so horrific that the Fauci-funded perpetrators cut their vocal chords so they would not have to hear the torment they were causing”.

Manning continued, “Recent revelations that the same Dr. Fauci knowingly funded Chinese research that made bat coronaviruses infect humanized mice increasing their illness shows that this public health bureaucrat has been cavalier in his support for creating extremely dangerous viruses like the one that has killed almost five million people around the world.  This warrants his being summarily fired, but the revelation of his agency’s funding of the torturing of puppies should make even Fauci’s most ardent defender shrink in horror”.

This latest incident shows more than ever that Fauci lacks the moral compass necessary to be responsible for scientific research.

“As the Biden administration plunges headlong into the potentially catastrophic approval of various Covid vaccines for use in children without any idea what the long-term physiological effects will be, Dr. Anthony Fauci stands as the public symbol to be wary of what is being fed to you.  Any human who would torture dogs in the manner described in public reports is a source for revulsion and any recommendation coming from someone so devoid of basic humanity should be rejected and reassessed using the basic scientific method of inquiry which evaluates risks to an age population which very, very rarely dies of Covid 19 compared to the risks of mandating the imposition of an unproven vaccine”, Manning concluded.