Biden attempts to deflect from his administration’s shut down of Trump-era investigation into Covid origins

In response to a CNN investigation that found the Biden administration terminated a Trump-era probe into the possibility of Wuhan lab leak as the origin of the deadly Covid-19 virus, President Biden today released a statement attempting to deflect from his administration’s attempted cover-up.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in reaction to the breaking news:

“Today’s statement by Joe Biden is a tacit admission that his administration canceled and then covered up a legitimate State Department investigation into the origins of the Wuhan virus. Biden’s dramatic change in direction clearly shows that his administration is finally taking seriously the calls of Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Tom Cotton, and Rep. Bill Posey that an investigation must occur. However, having Covid-origin deniers in the administration who have already engaged in a coverup running any investigation is unacceptable. They have already proven they are politically motivated, cannot be trust to run an honest investigation.

“This is why Americans for Limited Government supports HR 834, a bill that would create a non-partisan commission to get to the bottom of the deadly virus that has now killed more than 3.3 million people worldwide.”

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