Arizona Election Integrity Bills Model for Nation

Reforms protect ‘one person, one vote principle’

Fairfax, Va. – The Arizona State House of Representatives has passed a package of election integrity bills backed by Americans for Limited Government (ALG). ALG President Rick Manning issued the following statement in reaction:

“The Arizona State House of Representatives took a major step toward restoring Arizonan’s faith in their electoral system by passing a package of electoral reform bills designed to ensure that the ‘one-person, one-vote principle’ that is the foundation of our elected government is secured. The package, spearheaded by Jake Hoffman (R-Queen Creek) incorporates reforms which will ensure that only eligible voters vote. The measures contain safeguards to ensure that no eligible voter is denied their opportunity to determine the outcome of an election.

“Significantly, Hoffman’s package also includes a condemnation of U.S. Congress’ H.R. 1, a measure known by many as ‘the free to cheat’ election bill.

“Americans for Limited Government urges the Arizona state senate and governor to pass and sign this urgent election reform package. In addition, we encourage every state legislature to introduce and pass this model for election integrity in 2021. Rep. Hoffman’s effort is a model for legislators around the nation. Hoffman has been unafraid to take on this tough issue which is essential to the survival of our representative form of government. Our entire system depends on trust in the election process because our government depends upon the consent of the governed for its legitimacy.”

The bills are:

  • HB 2039: Requires hand count audits to be statistically significant with a 99% confidence level
  • HB 2569: Prohibits private funding of elections activities. (like big tech billionaire(s) did to the tune of $400M)
  • HB 2792: Prohibits mass mailing of ballots to voters who DO NOT request one. Adds a class 5 felony for violating this statute.
  • HB 2793: Requires an affirmative request to be registered to vote (ie. proactively prohibiting automatic and mandatory voter registration). Adds a class 6 felony for violating this statute.
  • HB 2794: Prohibits an agent of the government from modifying a statutorily prescribed election deadline. Adds a class 6 felony for violating this statute.
  • HB 2811: Prohibits same day voter registration. Adds a class 6 felony for violating this statute.
  • HCR 2023: A concurrent resolution opposing HR1 in the US Congress.

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