Chinese-owned theater chain leading voice in corporate activism

‘Inconvenient fact’ that China is behind Woke corporate movement

Fairfax, Va. – More than 100 corporate leaders held a Zoom meeting over the weekend to discuss how they could push back against various voting bills and may release a statement on the matter this week. During the weekend phone call, AMC Entertainment Holdings CEO Adam Aron spoke in favor of signing the planned statement about voting rights.

 “AMC Entertainment Holdings CEO Adam Aron was reportedly one of the most vocal leaders in a weekend corporate zoom call meeting to organize against voter integrity law like those in Georgia. This is a direct intervention by a Chinese-owned company into the American political system. What most people don’t realize is that the AMC theater chain was purchased 9 years ago by the Wanda Group, a Chinese company. This inconvenient fact about the Chinese ownership of this once-venerable U.S. firm is particularly telling as multi-national name plates like Coca-Cola become more concerned with foreign interests than American ones.

“AMC’s Chinese ownership and that company’s leadership in rallying other multi-national to oppose voter identification laws should give every U.S. legislator pause when it comes to corporate activism. These companies don’t reflect American values but instead, at best, their corporate need to access large foreign markets such as China and at worst, do the bidding of these tyrannical foreign governments.”

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