ALG urges Scottsdale to reject General Plan as violation of 2006’s Prop. 207

April 1, 2021, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today sent the following letter to the Scottsdale City Council in opposition to the city’s new General Plan:

“Americans for Limited Government led the charge in passing Proposition 207 in 2006. This was done to protect property values against arbitrary regulatory takings, and to provide for remedies under law should those property rights be violated.

“It is clear that under the 2006 Proposition 207 protecting property rights, the new Scottsdale General Plan on zoning will be a regulatory taking and most certainly reduce the property values of Scottsdale residents, and if it goes forward, require just compensation to impacted residents. What’s more, the failure of the city and the planning commission to follow the basic procedures laid out under the law further opens the people of Scottsdale to unnecessary litigation. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just ignore the letter of the law and pretend it does not exist when it suits you.

“Americans for Limited Government strongly urges the Scottsdale City Council to reject the new General Plan that will result in massive costs to taxpayers including compensatory costs, and a basic denial of property rights that Proposition 207 was designed to prevent.”


Letter to Scottsdale City Council, April 1 at

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