National Popular Vote Would Shred Constitution

Don’t Let Californians Pick the President

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government is running a statewide radio campaign in Virginia to protect the U.S. Constitution from an effort to subvert the will of Virginia voters in future presidential elections. The campaign began Jan. 25 on the John Fredericks radio show.

Lawmakers in Richmond have introduced legislation to force Virginia into a compact with other states that would give our electoral votes away to the presidential candidate deemed to have won the most votes nationally even if an overwhelming majority of Virginians voted against that candidate. Under the  The National Popular Vote (NPV) scheme, more populous areas would be choosing who Virginia’s electors support for president. For example, since the Chicago metropolitan area has more people than all of Virginia, the votes of an entire state could be negated by those of just one city.

“If you want your voice to matter, and if you want election integrity, we must defeat this scheme,” said Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government. “The NPV scheme would shred the Constitution, deprive Virginia of its voice in electing the president, and plunge the nation into an electoral crisis. Virginians need to let their state senators know that we do not want to throw our presidential votes away by joining the NPV compact.”

The NPV compact is so poorly constructed it risks causing an “electoral crisis.” There is no official “national popular vote” count. States that join the compact are supposed to accept vote totals from every other state even if they are disputed, inaccurate, incomplete, or the result of fraud or vote suppression.

The NPV compact passed Virginia’s House of Delegates earlier this year (HB 177), but the Senate’s Committee on Privileges and Elections wisely declined to pass it. It could still be considered in 2021 unless the committee votes to kill it in a meeting that will be this fall.

Americans for Limited Government has also established a take action page for Virginia residents to use to contact their state senators and delegates.

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The radical left is trying to hold on to power forever. Their National Popular Vote effort would shred the Constitution, letting voters in California pick the president. Want election integrity, your vote to actually matter? Then the national popular vote must be stopped. Our Republic is at stake. Call your state senator at 833-617-1821 and tell them oppose a national popular vote. Paid for by Americans for Limited Government.

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