A Vote to Censure Trump Threatens Free Speech of Every American

Fairfax, Va –  Senators Susan Collins (R- Maine) and Tim Kaine (D-Va) are discussing a potential censure resolution against former President Trump as it becomes increasingly clear that his second impeachment trial is likely to end in acquittal.Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is opposed to both impeachment and censure of Trump. He issued the following statement in reaction:

“Susan Collins, who voted yesterday that she believes it is constitutional to impeach a former president, now wants to censure President Trump for his speech where he urged people to “peaceably and patriotically” to go to the Capitol to let people know what they think.

“Any move to censure President Trump for constitutionally protected and completely legitimate political speech would be disastrous.

“While some in Congress, and even many of Trump’s supporters, sometimes cringe at his rough and direct language, censuring President Trump would be tantamount to saying that political speech needs to have a Congressional Seal of Approval.  The First Amendment protection of political speech and assembly simply cannot be cancelled because some politicians feel threatened by it.  A vote for censure by the Senate would be a validation of the Silicon Valley tech titans allowing social justice warriors to determine what thought is suitable on their platforms.  Tech titans can get away with it to some extent, but Congress runs the risk of effectively “making a law” or at the least setting wobbly speech standards that could be applied to virtually every candidate for office at some time.

“To censure the former president would be to effectively give the speech police absolute power over the speech of every American. That would be monumentally stupid.”

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