Shame on CBS News

Americans want ‘real’ news

Fairfax, Va – Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in response to the most recent fake news story from CBS News.

“CBS News should be ashamed of themselves for their demonstrably false story about the President’s legal team dropping their lawsuit on the certification of the Wayne County, Michigan election results.  The truth is that Wayne County agreed to decertify their results, which is exactly what the Trump lawyers sought. So, there was no reason to continue with the lawsuit.

“The inability of Walter Cronkite’s old network to come anywhere near the truth in their reporting is why legacy media is dying.  Americans want real news, not agenda driven blog sites hiding behind formerly distinguished banners and this report validates everything that Mayor Rudy Guiliani said about the media’s false reporting of the legal battle trying to ensure that only legally cast ballots are counted.

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