ALG Calls for Justice Department Investigation into Voter Fraud

Given reports of widespread voter fraud in states that could determine the outcome of the presidential election, Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement:

“Americans have a right to be assured that every legally cast vote is counted. But they also have a right to be assured that illegally cast votes are rejected. In Detroit, Michigan a man who would be 118-years old, if he hadn’t died in 1984, voted by mail on September 19, 2020. As a Christian, I believe in resurrection, but I suspect this was not of God. In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia seems to have a never-ending supply of votes to cast. With the same being true in Atlanta, Georgia. It is time for the Department of Justice to intervene and if it is determined, as I suspect it will be, that vote manipulation has occurred, results from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia should be invalidated and a new election in those states help under federal jurisdiction. This is not unprecedented. It is important because America needs to know who the legitimately elected president of the United States is. The American people need to certain that their vote counted, win or lose.”

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