Americans Don’t Care About Biden’s Tax Returns, They Care About Their Own

Fairfax, Va. – Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, issued the following statement in reaction to Joe Biden releasing of his tax returns:

“This is nothing more than a debate diversion. Joe Biden doesn’t want to talk about the real issue, how his failed policies have hurt the tax returns of hard-working Americans in the past and will hurt them again if he’s elected president.

“Biden desperately wants to avoid talking about his almost half-century in American politics. He has a spent his career in Washington outsourcing American jobs abroad and hollowing out our nation’s manufacturing base.  Joe doesn’t want to talk about his vote for the disastrous NAFTA trade deal that set off the giant sucking sound of U.S. manufacturing jobs leaving our country.

“Biden doesn’t want to talk about his vote to give China ‘most favored nation’ trade status twenty years ago. This gave China the lowest tariff rate on the card and encouraged U.S. manufacturers to relocate to China. He certainly doesn’t want to talk about how he negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding that allowed Chinese companies to be part of the U.S. stock exchanges without meeting basic transparency and open books standards that U.S. companies must meet.  This single decision created billions of dollars in capital for China while putting U.S. investors at extraordinary risk.

“Instead, Biden wants to talk about tax returns.  One thing we know about President Trump’s tax return is that it won’t show a penny earned from the U.S. taxpayer. Trump has chosen to donate his salary to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for farmer outreach programs in the first quarter, and health related federal programs in the second, third and fourth quarters of 2019.

“Meanwhile 2019 is only the third year in almost half a century that Biden has not received a salary from the taxpayers, setting aside his very generous federal government retirement pension.

“No one cares about Joe Biden or Donald Trump’s tax returns. They care about their own tax returns. Under a Biden administration one thing is certain, more than 60% of Americans will see their taxes go up if he keeps his promise to repeal the Trump tax cuts.

“Americans will see their job prospects plummet as Biden puts the federal government boot on our energy and manufacturing sectors. His energy policies will end the energy production jobs that have revitalized Pennsylvania and Ohio among other states. Biden’s energy schemes make us dependent on middle eastern oil producers who don’t like us very much.

“When Biden talks about his tax returns, ask yourself what his green new deal, Paris Climate Accord, increased income taxes, and increased regulatory agenda will do to yours?”