ALG launches to promote alternative education options

Dec. 19, 2013, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government today launched, a website dedicated to raising awareness of alternative education options across the country. The group’s president, Nathan Mehrens, issued the following statement about the new project: is dedicated to promoting alternatives to the current failed education system, whether its private school choice, charter schools, or magnet schools within the public system. We’re going to let the American people know who is fighting for students first. We’re going to name names and pull no punches against those who are desperate to keep the current disaster in our schools in place just to service a few narrow interests, leaving our children as pawns in a high stakes game competing for tax dollars.

“A perfect example today is in Hartford, Connecticut where Capital Prep Magnet School principal Dr. Steve Perry is being attacked by ex-politician-turned-blogger Jonathan Pelto and the local board of education for essentially running an effective school. Capital Prep led by Perry is dedicated to getting its students into college, and the principal has been outspoken in favor of the model, and makes no qualms about those who stand in its way.

“Perry is bringing students out of poverty and creating a basis for a successful future. There’s a waiting list to get into his school. We need more alternatives like Perry in our schools, not an inquisition into a good man fighting the good fight against a corrupt, failing system. It’s time we put students first and put an end to the childish nonsense that prevails in the education establishment that clings to the status quo that is failing our students.”

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