ALG supports amendments 14, 73, 92, 168 and 236 to Interior Appropriations bill

Nov. 2, 2023, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement of support of an amendments 14, 73, 92, 168 and 236 to the House Interior Appropriations bill:

“There are many outstanding amendments to the Interior Department appropriations bill, and Americans for Limited Government appreciates Speaker Mike Johnson’s allowing this vigorous amendment process.  It serves the purposes of the House and the people of America to have votes on a number of proposals to improve the Committee product.  Americans for Limited Government is highlighting our support for five of these amendments:

Amendment 168: “Americans for Limited Government supports Representative Burlison’s amendment to prohibit funds to enforce the EPA final rule titles “Endangerment and Cause of Contribute Findings for Greenhouse Gases Under Section 202(A) of the Clean Air Act.  (See linked article)  The landmark Supreme Court ruling in West Virginia versus EPA found that this rule is unconstitutional as it goes beyond the bounds of underlying legislation.  There is no excuse to continue funding the implementation of a regulation which has been found to be unconstitutional.  Please pass Amendment 168 to the House Interior Appropriations bill.”

Amendment 14:  “Americans for Limited Government strongly supports prohibiting funding for the rule titled “Control of Air Pollution from New Motor Vehicles: Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Standards” as this regulation is little more than a regulatory attempt to reduce the ability of Americans to own and purchase less expensive gas powered vehicles by regulating them out of existence. This is not the regulators role, but instead should be reserved to the Article One branch.”

Amendment 73:  “Americans for Limited Government strongly urges support for Representative Paul Gosar’s amendment 73 to the Interior Appropriations bill.  The Biden administration has made a practice of waving a magic presidential wand to do the wishes of the environmental left, and the President’s August 8, 2023 Proclamation 10606 is a blatant attack on resource development at a time when our national security demands that America accelerate our mining and energy extraction capacity. Please support Representatives Gosar, Crane, Biggs, Boebert, Hageman and Lesko’s amendment 73 to the Interior Appropriations bill and say no to the Biden administrations never ending attack on American energy and resource security.”

Amendment 92: “Representative Hageman is right, the Bureau of Land Management budget should be cut by 50 percent.  Biden’s Bureau of Land Management fails to do its basic job of managing land, and instead the Biden administration has turned it into an agency that is anti-land use.  The House should reduce BLM’s funding by 50% to end their war on the west. A war which impoverishes communities and threatens America’s capacity to meet our natural resource needs in a world where the United States is becoming increasingly isolated due to the Biden administration’s flaccid approach to China’s aggressive action to dominate world resource development. It is national suicide to shutter our domestic resource development capacity, while not aggressively moving internationally to replace it. Vote for Amendment 92.”

Amendment 236:  “This amendment does not deal with resource development, but the shocking rise in anti-semitism amongst young people demonstrated on college campuses over the past month justifies passage of Mr. Gottheimer’s amendment adding funds to the Holocaust Memorial Museum to identify and increase holocaust education.  Americans for Limited Government supports this amendment.”

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