House Israel Support Bill Gets it Exactly Right

Oct. 31, 2023, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in support of the House’s $14.3 billion Israel aid legislation that also slashes IRS enforcement funds:

“Americans for Limited Government urges the House to pass their $14.3 billion Israel military support appropriations bill immediately.  This legislation focuses exclusively on Israel’s military needs as the threat of a three front war looms for our Middle Eastern ally.

“New Speaker Michael Johnson has kept his promise by narrowing this aid package to only include money for military needs, stripping out President Biden’s requests for so-called humanitarian aid for Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.  The bill offsets the proposed spending by rescinding funds allocated to the Internal Revenue Service making it budget neutral.

“The separation of the Israel aid package from the rest of the Biden request will lead to a separate debate about Ukraine, the border, humanitarian aid and a request from the Navy to increase the submarine fleet in the Pacific Ocean. The Senate is expected to consider Biden’s full $105 billion aid request without financial offsets.

“The House’s legislation focuses on the important immediate needs, not allowing the urgency resulting from the horrific October 7 attack against civilians by Hamas to be used as an excuse to railroad through other proposals which don’t have the same urgency and should have been included in the regular appropriations bills being considered.  Americans for Limited Government supports defending our ally Israel with military materiel, and the House’s fiscally sound approach meets both America’s foreign policy objectives and our domestic need to bring sanity back to our federal government spending.”

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