Biden DOJ appoints another special counsel to take down Trump

Nov. 18, 2022, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement blasting Attorney General Merrick Garland’s decision to appoint another special counsel to investigate Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump:

“Another Special Counsel?  That’s what Biden’s Justice Department announced today as they struggle with the idea that former President Trump did not do anything wrong related to declassifying documents and the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol Building. Apparently, the orders came down that MSNBC needs a ratings boost, and there is nothing their gullible viewers like more than some good old fashioned Trump Derangement Syndrome programming. Republicans in Congress should treat this latest chapter in the deliberate destruction of the Justice Department’s credibility with the contempt it deserves. Unfortunately, defunding the Special Counsel would be vetoed by President Biden, who benefits from his Justice Department’s unique disinterest in evidence that he has been the financial beneficiary of money from Ukraine and China.

“It is important that people treat the latest attempt at political manipulation by the formerly esteemed U.S. Department of Justice for what it is – theater – and nothing else.

“By the way on the classified documents issue that the Justice Department can’t figure out.  The President, any President, has the authority to declassify documents.  He doesn’t have to get permission from anyone, especially not those who derive their constitutional power and authority from the President as laid out in the Constitution’s Article II.  So President Trump did not need permission by those who spent five years trying to sink his presidency to declassify documents, he was elected, they were not.

“And when it comes to January 6th, Nancy Pelosi’s embarrassing made for tv January 6th show came up with nothing, except vitriol and programming for those who have come to the end of the Internet.  Now, somehow this Special Counsel is going to rehash all the ground that they have tread in the hopes that someone who testified or gave a deposition under oath forgets to dot an “I” when speaking to the Counsel can be charged with lying or other process crimes.  So, here we go again, another round in the annual game of Get Trump as the Democrat Charlie Browns try once again to kick the Trump football hoping that it won’t be pulled away at the last minute.

“It’s too bad they can’t get over their obsession by talking to someone laying on a couch like normal people but alas no.  Instead, they will spend millions more in taxpayer dollars in their desperate attempt to get their personal white whale.  And like author Herman Melville’s obsessed and ill-fated Captain Ahab, eventually the whale wins.”

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