No Surprise: Government funded through Continuing Resolution through December 16.

Oct. 3, 2022, Fairfax, Va.–Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement on the passage of the continuing resolution through Dec. 16:

“To the surprise of no one, the House and Senate voted to fund the federal government through December 16th using the Continuing Resolution (CR) process.

“The swamp got their funding with extras added on for Ukraine which got an additional $12 billion , $1 billion additional aid for heating oil assistance and the Federal Emergency Management Agency getting an unreported amount of additional funding.

“The additional heating oil assistance is a desperate attempt by Democrats in Congress to transfer the high energy costs created by their failed policies to the taxpayers, offsetting some of these costs for northeastern homeowners who are amongst their most loyal voters.

“The next two months and a half months will be a funding battle between those who wish to rubber stamp Biden’s policies, including the hiring of 83,000 new IRS agents, the legacy regulations and Executive Orders designed to penalize those who chose not to get vaccinated, and whether those federal workers who defrauded the federal taxpayer by not logging in to their computers during the pandemic will be held accountable.

“An audit of federal workers at the Health and Human Services Department between March of 2020 and December 2020 showed that 25 percent of workers failed to log in a single time while ‘working’ remotely.

“Should the GOP prevail in the upcoming election, it would be an act of treason against those who voted for change if the December 16th funding date is met with a spending bill that permanently embeds the Biden agenda.  Priority number one for congressional Republicans over the next two and half months should be extending the Continuing Resolution to March of 2023, when they can set the priorities and provide President Biden with a government funding bill that incorporates limited government priorities.”

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