ALG Launches Nationwide Campaign to Defund Biden’s Vaxx Mandates

This is the fight Republicans were elected to fight

Fairfax, Va. – As the U.S. Senate approaches a Dec. 3 deadline for passing a Continuing Resolution funding bill to keep the government open, Americans for Limited Government (ALG) has launched a nationwide campaign aimed at ensuring not a single taxpayer dime is used to pay for the enforcement of President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandates. ALG President Richard Manning issued the following statement:

“This is the fight Republicans were elected to fight. Biden’s unconstitutional federal government overreach is a classic battle between those who believe in limited government powers versus those who believe there is no end to what the federal government can do. There is no good reason for Republicans to vote for any spending bill that funds the enforcement of Biden’s vaccine mandates. Not a single one.

“Americans for Limited Government has launched a nationwide digital campaign asking Americans to urge their Senators and Members of Congress to reject any spending bill that funds enforcement of unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

“While it is good Senate Republicans plan to vote for an amendment to the Continuing Resolution that would defund vaccine mandates, what really matters is if those same Republicans hold firm and vote no on the bill itself, should the amendment fail.

“It is time to end Washington, D.C. showboating. Republicans cannot have it both ways. A vote to fund the unconstitutional Biden vaccine mandates is just that, no excuses. Congressional Republicans need to put their vote where their mouth is by refusing to fund the enforcement of the dramatic expansion of federal government power over individual liberties.

“Americans want their elected officials to do more than just talk a good game. Americans are losing their jobs due to these mandates.  Americans traveling back into the country will be forcibly quarantined while illegals will be passed through with no consequences.  Talk is cheap, now is a time for action – defund the vax mandates now!”

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