CBO gives Democrats 367 billion reasons to vote against Biden’s ‘wreckonciliation boondoggle’

CBO score should end this iteration of Biden’s spending bill

Fairfax, Va. –  Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning issued the following statement in reaction to the Congressional Budget Office announcing the true cost of the Build Back Better spending bill:

“President Biden lied when he stated that his massive Wreckonciliation boondoggle would not cost anything, zero.  That is the conclusion of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) which Biden called the “gold standard” when he was vice president in 2010. The CBO found that Biden’s latest massive spending bill would add $367 billion to the deficit over the next ten years.  And while Biden’s Press Secretary claimed that all economists agree that the bill will not fuel additional inflation, she must not have talked to former Obama economic advisor Stephen Ratner who urged the Biden administration to ‘come clean with voters about the impact of his spending plans on inflation.’

“The impact of the CBO score should end this iteration of the Biden bill as the budget reconciliation process demands that the proposal not add to the deficit.  The CBO just gave House and Senate Democrats, who are increasingly focused on inflation, $367 billion reasons to vote no if the bill should come to a vote.”

Click here to view CBO Summary of Cost Estimate for H.R. 5376, the Build Back Better Act.

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