Newsom is destroying California and must go

Recall election is California’s chance to reclaim their state

Fairfax, Va. – Every California voter who believes in individual liberties needs to vote in the recall election. Voting ends on Tuesday, Sept. 14. Ballots can be hand-delivered, sent through the mail, or submitted in person.

“This election is about more than one failed governor. It is about the priorities in the state. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s implementation of a criminal catch-and-release program has resulted in a crime wave that affects every Californian.

“Newsom’s refusal to follow basic forest management practices, as well as his decision to cut the budget for firefighters, equipment, and fire breaks has led to the devastating fires that continue to ravage some of the most beautiful land and forests in the world.

“Lastly, under Newsom’s failed leadership, California has become a taxpayer disaster and if not for the voters in 2020, Newsom would have stripped away property tax protections with Proposition 13.

“The recall is California’s chance to reclaim their state and anyone who is registered to vote in the state or knows people who are, needs to encourage them to vote to recall Newsom.”

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