Biden needs to lead by letting the American soldiers and Marines do their jobs

Aug. 20, 2021, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement urging President Joe Biden to allow the U.S. military to rescue every American and American ally that is trapped in Afghanistan:

“The chaos at Kabul Airport is not a plan. Trusting the Taliban is not a plan.  Today’s statement by President Biden was filled with promises and as one reporter stated, misrepresentations, that are neither real nor being kept.  The Brits, French and Germans are all getting their people out of Afghanistan by sending their troops to get them and bring them to the airport.  Commander-in-Chief Biden has ordered our soldiers to stay at the airport hoping that our citizens and allies can get safely to the airport without being murdered.  This is, for many of these people, a death sentence.  We will either leave Afghanistan with our heads held high or tails between our legs.  The only way to show the world that America is honorable and keeps our commitments is to boldly rescue our citizens and allies letting the Taliban know that any intervention will be met with overwhelming deadly force unlike anything they have experienced in the past twenty years.  We are America, it is about time Joe Biden wakes up and starts acting like it and leads.

This photo of an American Marine inside the wire at Kabul Airport encapsulates why our men and women who serve our nation proudly are the finest fighting force in the world.  The compassion for the least of these combined with the determination to protect freedom is to be treasured.  Thank you to all of those whose lives are on the line trying to get both our American citizens and our Afghan allies who wish to leave out.

“Further, Biden ordered our men and women to go to Afghanistan and they went.  The sad truth is that they occupy a position that is not defensible, and their safe withdrawal will be extremely difficult when the operation ends.  It is shameful that American planes have already not taken out the anti-aircraft guns left behind and resumed military flights over the country.  It is shameful that General Milley shut down the secure Baghram Air Force Base, outside of Kabul in favor of trying to exit using a public airport in the center of the city.  It would be even more shameful if they don’t take every measure to get Americans and our allies out.  This would involve risk as those soldiers pictured above may be making patrols to get people and bring them to safety. Any loss of life that accompanied these missions would be tragic and completely the fault of those who put them in this untenable position.  But it would be a dereliction of duty to the highest order to not allow these men and women the ability to do this job.  This entails providing these extraordinary American soldiers with the tools to do the mission swiftly, efficiently and as safely as possible.  It entails giving them the freedom to act based upon what is happening on the ground as opposed to waiting for DC to decide.  And it will likely entail having the guts to send more Americans into harm’s way in order to get our people out of country.

“If anyone can accomplish this Herculean mission to save tens of thousands of lives and America’s sacred honor, it is the American soldiers and Marines who every day makes the seemingly impossible common place.”

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