Thank you, Mitch McConnell for protecting America from the Woke Mob in Congress

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in reaction to the defeat of a measure in the Senate that would have resulted in a partisan witch hunt against Trump supporters:

“Thank you Senator Mitch McConnell for working to make certain that the one-sided Pelosi Star Chamber on the January 6th Capitol break-in is not moving ahead.  After hundreds of FBI and other law enforcement officials using the full power of the federal government investigated and continue to investigate what happened, as well as the House impeaching the President with a full Senate acquittal, there is nothing to be served by another investigation but political theater.

“Ironically, if Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi truly wanted to get to the bottom of what happened, they would be investigating why the House Sergeant at Arms (who is directly controlled by the Speaker) refused requests leading up to January 6, by the head of the Capitol Police to have National Guard protection for the Capitol in spite of intelligence indicating that trouble might be brewing.  What’s more, they would investigate why the Capitol Police falsely claimed that Officer Brian Sicknick died from a head wound caused by a fire extinguisher when the coroner determined that not only was there no head wound, but his untimely and unfortunate passing was a completely natural event due to a stroke suffered on January 7th.  Finally, it would be important to discover what prompted a Capitol Police officer to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt with the same kind of investigative fervor that is used in other police shootings of private citizen.

“America owes a debt of gratitude to Leader McConnell for his courage in standing up to the mob which wants to continue to politicize the tragic events of January 6.  His determination to bring national healing should be hailed from ocean to ocean. For those who love America and want our nation to thrive, moving ahead rather than being continually divided by those who seek to use their governmental powers against their political opponents, I say, thank you Leader Mitch McConnell, thank you.”

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