Memo to Biden: Stop Spending!

Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement responding to President Joe Biden’s proposed $6 trillion budget:

“Memo to President Biden: The emergency is over, stop spending as if we were at the height of the Covid crisis. President Joe Biden’s $6 trillion budget would make permanent the spending from Covid and then some — a 36 percent increase ($1.6 trillion) above the pre-pandemic 2019 outlays levels of $4.4 trillion.

“The $1.8 trillion deficit that results effectively removes any illusion that the federal government will ever rein in spending. Biden’s plan would increase government dependency, crowd out private investment, and make permanent the economic damage wrought by the Wuhan-lab-originated virus.

“House and Senate GOP members should coalesce with Democrats who claim to be moderates and declare this budget dead on arrival, and to create a realistic plan to end the destructive government gravy train emergency Covid spending. Congress needs to send a direct message to Biden: stop spending. It’s time to allow America to recover.”

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