If Biden-Harris oppose court packing in El Salvador, why don’t they oppose it here?

May 6, 2021, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to Vice President Kamala Harris’ denunciation of Supreme Court packing in El Salvador:

“Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed their deep concerns about the state of ‘El Salvador’s democracy” on Sunday after President Nayib Bukele and his supporters in the legislature voted to fire all five of the Justices on the El Salvador Supreme Court in retaliation for their striking down some of Bukele’s policies as unconstitutional.

“Has there ever been a less self-aware administration in American history than the Biden-Harris group?

“Here is America, President Biden and Vice President Harris’ supporters in Congress are actively pushing a scheme to pack the U.S. Supreme Court out of fear that the Court might strike down some of Biden’s policies as unconstitutional. Exactly what the Bukele regime is doing in El Salvador.

“If Harris wants to set an example for El Salvador about the importance of an independent judiciary, she and her partner in the White House could urge passage of the Keep Nine constitutional amendment to ensure that neither political party can change the make-up of the Court without the much more difficult amendment process.

“Currently, HJR 11 in the House has 160 sponsors, and SJR 9 in the Senate has 18 cosponsors.  Shockingly not one of them is a Democrat.  The Vice President should either prove her support for an independent judiciary by opposing court packing in America, or quit worrying about it when a foreign nation steals a page from the Democrats’ playbook.

“When it comes to court packing, it is time for the Vice President to practice what she preaches.”

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