White House communications team tramples freedom of press

Will compliant press go along with White House scheme to limit free press?

Fairfax, Va. – The Biden White House communications team has requested that reporters submit their questions in writing prior to the daily White House briefings. This is an authoritarian attempt to control the press. Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in reaction to the development:

“The only surprising thing about the Biden press team requesting that reporters share their questions in advance of briefings is that Biden staffers are not pre-writing the questions for reporters!  The stunning inability of the White House talking head to answer simple questions in the early part of the administration, while things are relatively less complicated, is matched only by the audacity of Joe Biden’s virtually invisible presidential campaign.

“I am confident that once the White House Press office has their scripts in the hands of the compliant press corps that things will go much more smoothly in briefings.”

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