The internet is a better place with Parler relaunching

Feb. 15, 2021, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issue the following statement praising the announced relaunch of saying:

“This is a great step toward providing a counterbalance to the Silicon Valley techno-fascists who are intent on stopping any speech that they don’t like. Over the many weeks since Parler was taken down by a combination of Apple, Google and Amazon to the applause of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, America has witnessed a brazen collaboration by tech giants to stop mainstream voices from objecting to their radical, extremist agenda.  Facebook took down actor Kevin Sorbo’s page this weekend for the sin of posting honest and funny critiques of Biden policies.  Twitter is de-platforming people so fast that it is impossible to keep up and YouTube is running a virtual jihad against content that has the audacity to not toe their collectivist ideology.

“Parler allows all sides to be heard and doesn’t block those who follow a group like Americans for Limited Government (@limitgov) from seeing our content. This allows people to decide what voices they want to read and not some anonymous, Silicon Valley twit.  The Internet is a better place with free and open conversations and discussions, and Parler’s return is good news indeed for America.”


“The purge has begun. Cancel culture is going to be worse than ever as the social tyranny rises.” By Robert Romano, Jan. 8, 2021 at

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