We Will Stand in the Breach

We Hope Others Join Us in the Fight for Liberty

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s affirmation that there will be an orderly transfer of power on January 20th.

President Trump’s affirmation that there will be an orderly transfer of power on January 20th is an important statement confirming what each of us who has supported the President always knew would occur once every legal recourse was exhausted. Sadly, Joe Biden will become president in spite of his fraudulent ascendency to office.

“The President is also right not to concede, because it would be tantamount to accepting fraud.  Americans have faced four years of the left’s resistance to the honest election results of 2016, and we have a responsibility to engage in peaceful but vigorous resistance to any and all actions which threaten the individual rights of Americans using all legal means at our disposal.

“It is my hope that President Trump plays a big role in keeping our nation focused on the now expanded threat from Communist China, the need to put America first in trade deals and other relationships around the world, his dedication to American energy independence and the free market system. I hope he will continue his incredible work in bringing peace between a significant part of the Arab world and Israel. I hope will lead efforts to restore the rule of law as it pertains to our elections, re-establishing the principle of one person, one vote so that the legitimacy of our federal government can be restored.

“But that is his choice.  As for Americans for Limited Government, we will continue to stand in the breach, and hope that others will stay in the fight for liberty by joining us.”

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