Trump & Canada Tighten Restrictions on Chinese Investments

Effort to end western nations from capitalizing Chinese military

Fairfax, Va. – President Donald Trump this week added restrictions to Executive Order 13959 which will prohibit Americans from selling or purchasing securities in Chinese companies that pose a threat to our national security. The aim of the order is to ensure U.S. capital does not contribute to the development and modernization of China’s military, intelligence, and security services.

In a related move, Canada announced this week it will prohibit the importation of goods produced wholly or in part by forced Chinese labor. Canada’s seven measures are aimed at ending the human rights abused against the Uyghur people in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning, who has led a national coalition to divest U.S. capital from China, issued the following statement:

“I applaud President Trump and our allies in Canada for taking steps to end the West’s unwitting funding of China’s human rights abuses and their growing military threat.

“China has been financing it’s growing military with Western capital.  Not only is this a national security threat, but it is a moral affront as many of those same companies employ child and slave labor. Americans should never capitalize slavery and yet these investments in Chinese companies do just that.

“What’s more Canada’s action is significant as it hits at the product supply chain for goods made using child and slave labor.  It is essential that importers know that the West will not tolerate the continued importation of goods made with child and slave labor.  The Trudeau government’s action is a great step toward ending these human rights abuses.

“With Joe Biden taking over the U.S. presidency, China hopes that their relationships with many close to him will take the heat off of them to end their concentration camps, forced labor and involuntary organ harvesting for their flourishing transplant industry.  The crackdown on the Communist Chinese Party is one of many Trump policies that the president-elect should embrace and expand rather than going back to the days of turning a blind eye to the abhorrent abuse of Muslims, Christians and the Fulan Gong at the hands of the Communist party regime.

“It is also essential that Biden expand the Trump administration’s determination to end the capitalization of Communist Chinese companies, which are nothing more than proxies for their military industrial complex.  The world is simply too complicated for Biden go back to applying policies that seemed like a good idea in the year 2000 to today’s reality of a rising China with eyes on global domination.”

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