Thanks to Operation Warp Speed, 100 million doses in 100 days is a ‘slam dunk’

Jan. 21, 2021, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement on the latest Covid vaccine distribution figures:

“The Biden administration would be better suited to making official statements, holding public press briefings and providing real data to the American people rather than speaking through anonymous sources to CNN to score political points, which is beneath the White House when thousands of people are still dying every day.  With 17.5 million total doses have already been administered according to the CDC all the current occupants of the Oval Office need to do to get to their proclaimed 100 million Covid vaccine doses in 100 days goal is maintain the same pace of roughly 850,000 vaccinations a day that were already occurring daily when President Trump left office on Jan. 20.

“We support efforts to get the vaccine to as many Americans who want it as possible so the nation can finally put the Covid pandemic behind us, which, thanks to Operation Warp Speed by the Trump administration and innovative pharmaceutical companies, in 2021 we are in a position to do precisely that no matter who sits in the White House. The federal plan was always to purchase and manufacture millions of doses before final approval by the FDA occurred, and that is exactly what has occurred with distribution ramping up daily and millions of doses already administered. The Biden administration should build on that and credit the Trump administration for making reaching their meager goal a slam dunk.”

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