Irrefutable Proof Democrats, Media Politicized Coronavirus

Within days of Biden Inauguration, Coronavirus seems less threatening

Fairfax, Va. -Within days of President Joe Biden taking office, mainstream media outlets and Democrat politicians are singing a different tune about the Coronavirus. National Public Radio headlined a dire story on January 19, “As Death Rate Accelerates, U.S. records 400,000 lives lost to Coronavirus.” Two days later, they headlined a story,“Current Deadly Coronavirus Surge has Peaked, Researchers Say.”

In a similar change in attitude, politicians on the Left are now eager to reopen the economy and end the lockdowns. Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in reaction to the turnaround.

“Wow.  Amazing, it is a miracle. What could have happened on January 20th to change the media perspective on the Coronavirus so completely?  It is a mystery, but it clearly was miraculous.  But not nearly as miraculous as the decisions by New York Andrew Cuomo, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and now California Governor Gavin Newsom’s declaration that we have ‘turned a corner’ on the virus. All are either opening or encouraging the opening of their respective jurisdictions.  Clearly, reopening their economies will boost GDP and lower unemployment as people get back to work.

“What is stunning is the callousness of these Democrat politicians. It appears they were more concerned with crippling the Trump economy than they were with public safety.  Here is the truth.  Texas and California have roughly the same outcomes as each other, even as one has had a relatively open policy and the other has been engaged in draconian shutdowns.  Also, New York’s outcomes are significantly worse than Florida’s in spite of the Sunshine state being virtually entirely open with an emphasis on protecting the most vulnerable, while New York shut everything down making it so you practically needed a VISA to visit loved ones in the Empire state.

“Even a World Health Organization official urged that lockdowns only be used to regroup and reorganize rather than as a primary tool against the virus. Yet, Newsom and Cuomo continued punishing the people of their respective states with ill-advised, anti-science lockdowns until President Trump was clearly out of the way.  After all, ‘Orange Man Bad and must be demonized’ is the doctrine that the left worships at. The governors did everything they could to kill jobs while The Donald was in the White House with no thought whatsoever to the havoc they wreaked on the people in their states.

“Now these ‘leaders’ will want Congress to give them billions to make up for lost revenues due to their imprudent and unscientific lockdowns, and the Senate must tell them not only no, but Heck NO!”

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