Google ‘hypocrite,’ top result: Jack Dorsey

Get that man a mirror!

Fairfax, Va. – This week the official policy arm of Twitter tweeted a strong rebuke of the government of Uganda for blocking social media apps in the run-up to an election in that country. This comes just days after Twitter banned President Donald Trump for life. Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in reaction:

“When you google the word hypocrite, you might be surprised to see the image of scruffy Silicon Valley billionaire named Jack Dorsey as the first result. Dorsey, who just spent three months banning points of view he doesn’t agree, had the audacity to complain about Uganda doing the same thing.

“Perhaps someone should get Dorsey a mirror. While I have no expectation that his behavior will change, at least he might shave and comb his hair.”

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