Santa Claus government must end, no more checks

Dec. 28, 2020 Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement urging Congress to reject any additional checks for American households after President Donald Trump signed Covid relief legislation providing $2,400 to an average family of four:

“While our nation has faced a unique set of circumstances due to the Chinese virus and the impact on our economy, it is time for the federal government to stop playing Santa Claus with money that we don’t have. The average family of four has already received $3,400 under the CARES Act, and now under the just-signed Covid relief bill they’ll receive an additional $2,400 — a combined $5,800 in direct payments this calendar year alone. In the future it may be necessary to support industries and small businesses that continue to be negatively impacted by state government economic lockdowns, however the impulse to send everybody another check whether for $2,000 or any other amount should be resisted the same way that taking another hit on a highly addictive drug should be. It may feel good when you do it, but it’s bad for you and everyone knows it. With the vaccine being distributed, the federal and state governments need to be planning reopening strategies, and any additional stimulus should be directed to ensuring that people get back to work, rather than bailing out governments or pretending there’s a money tree sitting outside the Capitol.”

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