Congress Must Fight Election Fraud

January 6 will test integrity of GOP lawmakers

Fairfax, VA. – Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement regarding the January 6 electoral college vote certification by Congress.

“America needs to demand that Congress stand up to the election fraud which denied President Trump his earned victory on November 3rd by recognizing President Trump’s electors over the fraudulently certified votes for Biden.  January 6 is the day that this decision will be made, and it will be a test of the integrity of those who are elected to serve in Congress.  Some may think that things just go on as usual should GOP members of Congress fail to stand up against the fraud, but they won’t.

“Any GOP member who refuses to support the President’s rightful claim that the election was stolen in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Wisconsin, needs to ask themselves a simple question, ‘If you won’t fight for election integrity in a presidential election where the steal was in plain sight, why would anyone fight for you when your next election is stolen on a much smaller stage?’  The answer is, they won’t.  Democrats won’t care if you vote with them to give them control of the White House, they will still steal your seat if allowed to get away with a theft that would make notorious bank robber Willie Sutton blush.  Once you kneel to those who believe that ballot box stuffing, multiple voting, and even machine vote switching is legitimate electioneering, the very concept of free and fair elections is dead, and when you ask for the people’s vote in the future, they will ask, ‘Why bother?  Why should I go out and fight the cancel culture for your dreams and ambitions, since they don’t include making certain that the one-person-one-vote rule of law is upheld.’

“For GOP House and Senate members, the election theft Rubicon has been crossed by the extreme Left. The laws of states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin were not just ignored but were effectively overturned by state officials without legislative assent.  If the state election laws don’t matter during election time, then Congress cannot accept those results as legitimate, particularly when there is evidence well beyond any legal threshold to know that a multi-state vote tampering scheme was used, and Congress is all that stands between its success or failure.

“It is hard to be courageous in the face of the physical and psychological intimidation each GOP member is facing from the mobs in the street and the mobs of the social media companies.  But these elected officials asked for the job, now they must do their constitutional duty.  They took an oath and must now follow it by recognizing the Trump electors on January 6.”

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