ALG praises Senate GOP for fiscal restraint in difficult times

Dec. 18, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising Senate Republicans for the holding line on spending in the phase four Covid economic relief legislation:

“Senate Republicans have done their job during the most recent phase four economic relief spendathon by holding the line against poorly run state government bailouts, adding dollars to protect small businesses and working families who are struggling through no fault of their own, and resisting Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion spending siren song.

“It feels odd to be praising a spending bill that still will consume as much as a third of all the revenues collected in fiscal year 2020 as having restraint, but in today’s Washington, D.C. where a trillion dollars seems to have no weight or relevance in the overall discussion, Senate Republicans have done what was necessary to support the U.S. economy and the American people during Covid, while avoiding multiple trillion-dollar mistakes.

“It is likely that Covid spending will be revisited in the spring of 2021 no matter who is the president. And if those governors who keep crying about the self-inflicted loss of revenues want assistance, their economies will be open, and that assistance should rightly be given to the businesses that are creating the jobs necessary to recover from this pandemic, and not to the public employee union members who get paid not to work.”

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