Trump Protects U.S. Investors from Capitalizing Chinese Military Buildup

The Trump administration on Thursday unveiled an executive order prohibiting U.S. investments in Chinese companies that are owned or controlled by the Chinese military.

Americans for Limited Government (ALG) has been part of a national coalition seeking to protect U.S. investors from unwittingly funding China’s military buildup.  ALG President Rick Manning issued the following statement in reaction to the executive order:

“President Trump took an important and decisive step today in protecting American investors from having their funds from capitalizing the Communist Chinese military industrial complex.  It has been obscene that U.S. citizens were in many cases unwittingly providing funds to companies that have the destruction of the United States as their mission.  Once again, Americans owe President Trump a tremendous amount of gratitude for his bold and courageous stand against Wall Street’s on-going funding of America’s military enemy.”

Americans for Limited Government sponsors the project and invites the public to learn more about human rights abuses that are funded through many commonly held emerging market mutual funds.

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