Pebble Mine decision delivers devastating blow to domestic rare earth metal development

Fairfax, Va. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today denied a permit for the proposed Pebble Mine, a project that would have dramatically increased the domestic availability of a rare earth metal that is critical to our national security. Below is the reaction of Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government:

“This is a devastating blow to America’s national security. The Pebble Mine would have dramatically increased the United States’ available supply of the element rhenium which is essential for the manufacture of aircraft engines.

“If you cannot mine the barren tundra of Alaska, you cannot mine anywhere in America. The U.S. government traded this property to the state in exchange for more pristine property used to create Lake Clark National Park with full knowledge that it would be zoned for mining by the Alaskan government. The precedent set by this decision will do major harm to the Trump administration priority of developing domestic rare earth metal resources and makes us more reliant on the Communist Chinese government for rare earth minerals essential to our national defense.

“Finally, this sends a clear message to investors that the U.S. is off limits to new mining.”

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