MI state lawmakers call for full election audit

As part of a growing movement to protect the integrity of the 2020 election, Michigan state senators Lana Theis and Tom Barrett have wisely and courageously urged the state’s Secretary of State to conduct a full audit of the election results prior to certifying them.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement:

“This is a necessary step so long as it is a full and complete audit which includes the eligibility of voters who cast votes, the implications of the deliberate decision by supposedly ‘neutral’ election officials to allow GOP observers into the counting room with at least one high level observer excluded from his duty due to his complaint about illegal ballots being counted, and the matching of signatures for mail-in ballots with all those which are contested being set aside for determination later.

“The fraud in this election is overwhelming and cuts to the heart of whether our nation will continue to be constrained by the consent of the governed, or will we devolve into little more than a banana republic where the people know that their votes do not matter, because the result is pre-determined. ”

Americans for Limited Government has launched two initiatives. One urges state legislators to conduct an independent audit prior to naming Electors to the Electoral College.  People can take action at ElectionAuditNow.org to encourage their state legislatures to do their job and ensure that our election was honest.  The second offers a $10,000 reward in Wayne County, MI, Fulton County, GA, Milwaukee County, WI and Philadelphia County, PA for information that leads directly to the prosecution and conviction of persons who have committed voter fraud.

“There appears to have been a widespread attempt  to fix the vote count in states across the nation,”  concluded Manning.  “This threatens the very DNA of America that the government derives its legitimacy from the consent of the governed.  We hope that these efforts will help restore the integrity of this election.”

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