ALG Voter Fraud Video: ‘We Can Back Date’ Mail-In Ballot Applications

In first voter fraud video released by ALG, poll worker allows voter to file mail-in ballot application three days after deadline 

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government (ALG), one of the nation’s leading conservative activist organizations, today released a first real-time voter fraud video, this one showing a poll worker openly admitting that he would illegally back date a mail-in ballot a full three days after the application date had passed.

The video was provided to ALG by a concerned citizen in response to the organization’s Voter Fraud Program now underway in Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. The program is offering a $10,000 reward any resident of four cities who provides “Information that leads to the arrest and conviction of voter fraud in the 2020.”

The secretly recorded video – seen in full below — was shot at Philadelphia’s Allen Lock School polling place on October 31, 2020, three days after the mail-in ballot application deadline:

In the revealing video, a voter is seen entering the Lock School polling place and saying she needed a mail-in ballot application, despite the fact that the deadline had passed. The poll worker responds that since “everyone” had problems with the deadline, they were ignoring it, adding “We are able to issue it [a mail-in ballot application] because we can back date it.”

“This is proof positive that the entire mail-in ballot process was deliberately corrupted,” said ALG President Richard Manning. “Notice that the poll worker did not say he was making an exception for the voter requesting the ballot. He explicitly said, ‘we can back date it’ for ‘everyone.’ In short, the poll worker openly admits to voter fraud.”

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