ALG Releases Video Showing Illegal Ballot Harvesting in Philly

Video shot by concerned citizen  shows woman repeatedly stuffing ballot box in violation of Pennsylvania law

Fairfax, Va. – Americans for Limited Government (ALG), one of the nation’s leading conservative activist organizations, today released a real-time video showing a woman violating Pennsylvania’s law against ballot harvesting by repeatedly stuffing numerous ballots into an inner-city Philadelphia mail-in ballot collection box.

The video was provided to ALG by a concerned citizen in response to the organization’s Voter Fraud Program now underway in Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. The program is offering a $10,000 reward to any resident of those cities who provides “information that leads to the arrest and conviction of voter fraud in the 2020 election.”

The stunning video – seen in full below — was shot at the Election Office ballot box location on Chew Avenue:

In the revealing video, covertly shot on a cell phone camera, an unidentified woman is seen dropping five ballots into the ballot collection box, while holding at least three more in her hands. The action violates Pennsylvania law establishing that only a voter can mail their ballot or return it in person, unless they have a disability and officially designate a single individual to do it for them.

On Thursday, September 17, in the case of Crossey v. Boockvar, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court reaffirmed Pennsylvania’s law against ballot harvesting by rejecting a demand that county election boards allow third parties to deliver ballots for other people.

The woman captured in the vigilant citizen’s video is clearly violating Pennsylvania’s law against ballot harvesting,” said ALG President Richard Manning, “And the state of Pennsylvania, by not enforcing its own law is an accomplice to this crime. The media keeps calling for evidence of voter fraud. Well, here it is, in living color. Now, let’s see if it appears on the network news.”

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