Trump Drive Outside Walter Reed Shows President in Full Control

Presidents can’t hide in their basement

Oct. 5, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to President Donald Trump greeting supporters outside of Walter Reed Medical Center from the safety of his limousine:

“The President made exactly the right choice when he left Walter Reed Medical Center to ride in an enclosed limousine so the public and the press could see him undaunted by the virus. By doing this, he ensured the world that the President of the United States was fully engaged in leading the country. With irresponsible rumors that the President’s health was much worse than reality, it was essential for the country to know the truth about his status.

“This simple drive sent a message to China, Iran and others that the President is full in control and threatening our allies will not be tolerated. Additionally, the financial markets are now reassured that there is no crisis in the executive branch. Sometimes being President means acting like the leader of the free world, rather than hiding in one’s basement. President Trump showed how a leader who understands the role of the President acts, while his opponent, Biden, continues to cower in fear of the Covid virus.”


“President Trump acted decisively to save lives from Covid—when it mattered the most,” By Robert Romano, Oct. 2, 2020 at

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