Biden Tries to ‘Legitimize his court packing scheme’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told 60 Minutes he wants to appoint a bipartisan commission to reform the Supreme Court system.

Americans for Limited Government president Rick Manning had this reaction:

“Joe Biden’s Supreme Court proposal is seeking to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. The only reason Biden wants to change the Supreme Court is because he’s unhappy with the philosophical makeup of the court. No matter how you shine it up, Biden’s proposal is nothing more than an attempt to legitimize his court packing scheme.

“Remember, the Constitution sets up the process for approving Justices and the only recommendation that any commission could make without a constitutional amendment would be to change the number of Justices. This is court packing for political purposes and no commission can serve as Joe Biden’s hiding place from this basic fact.

“This is why Americans for Limited Government strongly supports Sen. Ted Cruz in his effort to amend the Constitution in order to keep nine Justices and prevent political manipulation of the court.”